ARTIST PUPPETER Alexander Bessarabov

Александр Бессарабов

Odessa, Ukraine

About me: Graduate of the USSR. Beliefs – Odessa. Hobby – creative. Higher education.

Types of creativity: Author’s doll (subject, portrait, caricature). Modeling. Mechanical toys. Art objects.
Materials: leather, fur, copper, brass, wood, Cernit, glass, textiles.

Replacing several places of residence (the Volga region, Siberia, the GDR, Transbaikalia, Sumy, Kiev, Kharkov), the donkey is still in happy Odessa. After replacing several professions (CA officer, manager at Kraft Jacobs, Cadbury, manager of foreign economic activity, director of the company), he took up what “the soul lies”. In his youth, he worked as a graphic designer in manufacturing, was engaged in fashionable at that time stamping and mosaic, in a military school he designed a sports complex, a club, etc. In civilian life, in difficult times, it was possible to master the specialty of an engraver – a portrait painter in stone. The accumulated skills and life experiences finally found a use for themselves …

Participation in exhibitions:
«Stylish doll» Odessa 2013, 2014, 2015.
«Fashion Lyalka» Kiev 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018.
«Lviv Festival» Lviv
«Max Oscar Arnold» Neustadt bei Coburg, Germany 2017, 2018

Awards: Diplomas «Winner of the competition for the best author doll» in the framework of the kokursa «Stylish doll» 2013, 2014. «For the best doll of modern times» Category «Caricature» 2017. (Bronze «Oscar») «For the best doll of modern times» Category «Winners of past years» (Silver «Oscar»). 2018