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Art doll OOAK realistic collectible doll Roman(Greek) goddess Vesta

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Vesta is the Roman goddess of the hearth and the keeper of the family. People always gathered by the fire to get warmth, shelter and cook food. Fire gives food, warms and soothes the body and soul, unites people. Vesta is the embodiment of such a fire. Her altar was a hearth. Vesta is a goddess, always gives shelter and solitude, protects the family hearth from all the bad. Let your homes always have coziness, peace and tranquility!

The doll is made of Fimo plastic, painted with oil. Height – 35 cm (14 ”). Hair from Icelandic sheep. Sandals are made of genuine leather. Her dress and shoes are not removable.Decorated with beads, bugles, tiger’s eye and coral.

Do not brush or pull by hair. Please note that art dolls are for displaying only and not for playing. They are very delicate and need to be handled with extreme care. This doll is not a toy, fragile and delicate collectible, for display only. She needs a home that will keep her preserved for many years to come.

Do not place them near extreme temperatures, in direct sunlight and moist conditions All very unique and one of a kind with two no alike.

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