ART PUPPETER Oksana Ostapchuk

Оксана Остапчук

Kirovskoe, Ukraine

Born in the city of Kirov, Donetsk region. lived until the beginning of the war. Higher pedagogical education, 28 years old, worked at school №1, Kirovskoe, a teacher of fine arts of the highest qualification category – methodologist, awarded with the mark “Vіdmіnnik Osvity”. She started practicing dolls since 2010. The training took place in Kiev, the gallery “Parsuna” with the puppet master Irina Eleseeva.

2011 “Kiev Fairy Tale” (Kiev) Grand Prix “Best doll artist 2011”
2011-2014 “Stylish Doll” (Odessa), six-time winner of the author doll competition
2014 “Fashion Lily” (Kiev), the winner of the contest of author dolls
2014-2018 DABIDA five-time winner in the semi-final of author dolls of the world
2017 UAHA winner of the competitions “Lyalkov atelier”, “Divoptahi”. Selection of organizers of the UAHA competition “Japan and I”
2018 DABIDA winner in the semifinals of the author’s dolls of the world “In the footsteps of Alice”
2018 UAHA winner of the Beauty Doll online voting contest at Estet Beauty Expo 2018
– The winner of the competition “Royal Flower Garden” (Holland, Amsterdam), the choice of the organizers of the exhibition ArtDollsExpo 2018
– winner of the competition “Royal Beer Yard” (Tallinn), the choice of the organizers of the exhibition “NUKUKUNST” 2018
– the winner of the UAHA film contest – fantasy “Tіlki Divo”. The main prize from the film company Kazka production director Elena Karetnik.
2019 – UAHA author doll competition by the rules of GDS:
– winner of the competition (gold) in the category “Tales, Fantasy”
– winner of the competition (gold) in the nomination “Teddy”
– winner of the competition (bronze) in the nomination “Women, Girls”
– Audience Award in the categories “Men, Boys”, “Composition”, “Women, Girls”.