ART PUPPETER Svetlana Rykhalskaya

Светлана Рыхальская

Kiev, Ukraine

Profession – physical education teacher, sports dance coach. Hobby – the author’s characteristic doll. Beginning of the creative path in 2007.

Participation in exhibitions in Ukraine and abroad since 2007. Winner of the competition “Vanіlno-kavove retro” (Lviv, 2012), Tooth Fairy (Kyiv, 2017), internal competition UAHA (2019), winner of the competition “Debut” (gallery Parsuna, 2007), “King of Boudoir” (Barcelona, 2014), “According to the works of Sholom Aleichem” (Kiev, 2018), “Jewish anecdote” (Kiev, 2019).

Works are in private collections in Ukraine, Spain, Georgia, Japan, USA, Malta, Cyprus. Two works in the museum of the city of Loret de Mar (Spain)