PUPLET DESIGNER Nataly Martynenko

Наталия Мартыненко

Severodonetsk, Ukraine

Born in 1963, in the city of Severodonetsk. By education an engineer of technological-inorganic chemistry and an accountant are audited, and in his heart is a creative person. I love design, architecture, modeling and design of clothes, I draw, I love music. Everything wove together and eventually became involved in the author’s doll.

For the first time I saw author dolls in a magazine, I was delighted. I thought it was impossible to do it myself. She became interested in making dolls since February 2012, when she first visited the master class of Tatiana Bayeva. Later on, in order to learn mastery, she studied with the masters Lyubov Lukyanchuk, Irina Kocharava, Elena Kunina, Olga Rubtsova. Beautiful craftsmen, talented artists – they opened their secrets to create dolls.

In April 2013, she made a decision to participate in the international exhibition Modna Lyalka in Kiev. This was my first debut. I am very glad that my relatives, friends and viewers liked the dolls. I will try again and again to please and surprise them with new interesting dolls. I like to make dolls, here is the interest in historical dress, costume, color, dynamics. I love to create beauty.