Olga Grechukha

I was born on March 24, 1970. I am a building engineer (Zaporizhzhia State Engineering Academy). I have been fascinated by making designer dolls since 2010. During this time, I have tried different techniques and materials for the creation of dolls.

My works have taken part in many international and all-Ukrainian exhibitions. I have spent two personal exhibitions in my native city of Zaporizhzhia. These exhibitions showed how much visitors are interested in such kind of art as a designer Doll. So the idea of creating an art gallery appeared on this basis, the main theme of which would be the designer doll and toy. So my hobby turned into the meaning of life!

I really want all gallery guests not only to get acquainted with this kind of art, such as the Designer Doll, but also plunge into a world of memories and fantasies, forgetting about everyday worries. I wish they recharged with positive emotions and made this world a bit kinder.

Thank you all,
Olga Grechukha

Ольга Гречуха